Market Invest

Online Trading

Art Direction

Simon Croft Creative Director | Seb Hofer Visual Concept & Art Direction | Adrian Firth Design | Visual Fog CGI

Meet The Investors, a team of highly trained, highly skilled virtual financial advisers, free at your disposal. We developed a online trading platform prototype for a very ambitious financial start up client. To set us apart from the competition we created a set of bespoke characters called The Investors who would live online to help the user on wise money-making decisions. On sign up you were greeted by your own personal investor (tailor made to your needs). While using the site your investor would inform you about new financial product, advise you on the markets, stocks and be general helpful throughout the whole site. The investor would make online trading a totally new experience and ad a personal touch. Conceptually The Investors and their world is made from paper, in keeping with the very same fabric  of  money; the subject they are dealing with.

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