ZAG London


Social Experience

Art Direction

Richard Davies Creative Director | Seb Hofer Visual Concept & ArtDirection | Kate Sutherland Digital Producer | MediaMonks Built

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who (UK’s number one Si-Fi epic), we created an online social experience for the BBC. The idea was to get the user floating inside Doctor Who’s universe, where enthusiastic fans would come together and construct The Tardis (the doctor’s time travel device) from user generated content. By using the #Dw50 hashtag, a USG got send into the universe and manifested itself as shining star. More stars would interlink with each other and form a formation of shiny lights. Many of these formations combined would build ‘The Tardis’ out of  lightning clusters similar to star constellations in the real universe. Each individual star would hold text, images or videos supplied by the user. This content would be totally zoom-able, track-able and made share-able to the world via social networks. The more stars were shared, the more fans got involved and even more star formation appeared. Fans also got rewarded with freshly unlocked exclusive Dr Who content. In the build up of the campaign online and TV ads promoted the #Dw50 hashtag and the url to the portal. Following a weekend of Doctor Who mania, and of course the 50th anniversary episode airing on Saturday night prime time television, the community came out in force and got involved. Which resulted very very pleasing stats indeed:
Number of visitors: 785,971 (501,574 uniques) Average Visit Duration: 02:08 Total interactions: 2,647,149

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